Web Marketing

Understanding the Different Types of Web Marketing

For years now the internet has been used as a platform for businesses of all sizes to promote their products and services to potential customers, but as more and more companies have taken to the World Wide Web with the intention of obtaining a slice of the pie, is it any wonder why so many industries are now overcrowded?

As a result, plenty of agencies are turning to the power is internet marketing to help them to climb above their competitors, but with so many types of web marketing solutions available, it can sometimes be just as hard to understand what each entails before even considering signing up to one to see how beneficial it can be.

The different types of online marketing

Some promotional efforts can be ideal for one type of company, but completely irrelevant to another. Recognising which method can be beneficial won’t just save time and effort, but often money for the business as well. These days most website marketing firms will make a point of keeping their services as transparent as possible, which can make it much easier to understand them.

Social Media Marketing

Social media websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter boast millions of users around the world and as a result, they can be incredibly effective to market through. Different platforms will offer varying ways to publicise a business, but when left in the hands of trained and experienced professionals, such as those that work as web marketers, the potential to reach new audiences can be very prominent.

Search Engine Optimisation

Often called SEO for short, this technique is very advanced and should only ever be undertaken by the experts. The actual service works by helping a website to develop a reputation online for being a priority and as search engines such as Google prioritise sites that they deem to be more of a priority; it can be possible to rank as highly as possible within search results. When done poorly however, it’s not uncommon for a website to be penalised – so only the most effective, natural-looking campaigns from an expert seo company will do.

AdWords and PPC

For those that simply don’t have the time or money to spend on search engine optimisation or social media marketing, AdWords and PPC (pay per click) features can be a good substitute. These services can benefit from targeted search terms whereby a business can pay a particular amount of money to appear more prominently on Google and other search websites. The cash can be controlled as well, making it quite simple to keep on top of a campaign without going over budget.


Certain social media platforms such as LinkedIn allow their users to network and as the platform is so expansive, this type of networking can often be a service in and of itself. By letting users interact, connect and exchange correspondence with other professionals that use the website, it can be possible to target particular markets, or promote services to a specific type of customer.